The Daiwa 23 Emblem Surf 45 SCW QD Reel embodies a splendid array of features designed with precision to meet the needs of the contemporary angler. Crafted with ZAION V technology in its body and rotor, the reel exhibits enhanced resilience. This advanced carbon-based composite ensures that the reel is lighter, more durable, and absolutely resistant to corrosion, allowing for longevity and consistent performance over time.

Renowned for its 45mm LC (Long Cast) spool, the reel promotes remarkable casting distances, making it a formidable choice for shore fishing. Its SCW (Slow Cross Wrap) feature contributes to an immaculate and precise line lay, ensuring that the line transits smoothly onto the spool, thus optimising casting performance and accuracy. Aiding the effort is the formidable Digigear II system, providing an augmented meshing between the drive and pinion gears for an enhanced power transition and smoother retrieval.

Enhanced with Mag Sealed technology, the reel safeguards crucial parts, ensuring a smooth, trouble-free operation by preventing water and debris intrusion. This sealing process protects the gear system, prolonging the reel’s operational life and maintaining its performance under challenging angling conditions.

To cater to varied angling requirements, the reel comes equipped with a Quick Drag (QD) system, which facilitates swift adjustments between the drag settings. This allows for an efficient transition from a locked-down setting used for casting to the preferred drag setting necessary for playing fish, thereby offering a versatile drag adjustment capability.

In ensuring a superb line management system, the reel incorporates the AirBail and AirRotor features. These components facilitate the optimum transit of the line back to the spool, preventing line traps and ensuring a smoother operation. The Twistbuster II feature further alleviates the common issue of line twist, thus ensuring that your line remains in pristine condition for enhanced performance.

Additionally, the Infinite Anti-Reverse function guarantees solid hook sets, preventing the rotor from moving backwards and ensuring that every strike counts. The reel is also packaged with a spare spool, allowing for adaptability and convenience, accommodating different line capacities as per the angling requirements. The main spool hosts a shallow profile, fitting 300m of 0.30mm line, and is complemented by a deeper spare spool capable of holding 300m of 0.35mm line.

Key Features
45mm LC long Cast spool
SCW – Slow Cross Wrap
Mag Sealed
ZAION V Body and Rotor
AirBail, AirRotor
QD Quick Drag
Digigear II
Twistbuster II
Infinite Anti-Reverse
Spare Spool Supplied

Weight 1 kg