Fladen Maxximus Nano Plus Boat Rods 7.7ft

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Boat Rod


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Available in 20-30lbs or 30-50lbs Class
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Boat rods can take a right battering. Fishing for large fish over rough ground in heavy seas with substantial gear, they need certain qualities to be able to do the job properly. Rods need to have the necessary feel to stay in touch with the end gear but retain all the power required to lift fish away from sharp reefs and snaggy wrecks. Responsive tips combined with a progressive middle section and powerful butt are essential in allowing the angler to fish with a tool that is both effective and enjoyable.

Made to the highest standard, the Nano rod range has a model to suit all conditions and species found off the coast. From the superb 10-20lb bream/bass to the 30-50lb conger and shark rod, there is a Nano to do the job perfectly. Nano technology improves bending and compression tensile strength, compression resistance plus fatigue and shock resistance. This results in a rod that is strong, light yet retains all the mid range power and feel essential for effective angling.

A superb all-round boat rod, the sensitive, powerful, light Maxximus Nano Plus will find favour with all sea anglers.


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