Rovex Fantazia Bass 12ft Rod

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Bass Rod



The Rovex Fantazia Bass Rod is designed with the Bass angler in mind. Each rod is constructed from a full carbon blank. These have been designed with a balance of finesse and power so that the angler can hold it all day without getting tired.

The Rovex Fantazia Bass Rod delivers when fishing for Bass in the surf or when long distance fishing for a huge variety of species. Each rod is built on a three-piece blank with fully lined low rider guides and fixed reel seat. The spiral shrink wrap handles ensure an excellent grip while casting.

This uniquely balanced rod will reward fishers with a surprisingly light feel. However, there is hidden power stored in the middle and lower sections allowing for long casting when required. The light weight lets the angler work lighter lines with ease and finesse to land Bass or other species.

Rovex Fantazia Bass Rods are excellent for hunting Bass in the surf or around structures or rocks. Rovex Fantazia Bass Rods have the accuracy anglers need to cast with accuracy.

Rovex Fantazia Bass Rods are excellent in conditions when long casts are needed as well as when more precision is called for. 


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