The heaviest of the range of BZ three-piece rods, ideally suited to fishing in heavier, rough ground and situations that demand a powerful rod. Rated to cast up to 8oz, this rod performs at its best fishing with 7oz and bait. The rod to choose when you’re fishing in strong winds, big and fast running tides, and fishing into heavier rough ground. With plenty of power through the mid and butt section, this is the perfect rod for punching out big baits when targeting bigger and more powerful species such as conger, big cod, bass, and rays. The rods action is perfect for dragging fish out of snaggy situations and when trying to subdue larger species, especially around boulders and snags close to landing areas. Despite all this power, the hybrid tip ensures the very best bite detection, whatever range you’re fishing at. The 24ton carbon blank is lightweight but strong and is rung throughout with SiC K guides and fitted with a DPS reel seat. Like the rest of the range, it features a bold design to match its excellent performance.

Key Features

HYBRID TIP: The best bite detection, whatever the range.
HEAVY FISHING: Rated to cast up to 8oz but with 8oz and bait its optimum casting range, this is the rod to choose when you’re fishing in strong winds, bigger, fast running tides and into rough ground, especially if you’re expecting to encounter bigger, more powerful species of fish.
POWERFUL: Plenty of power through the mid and butt section for punching out big baits when searching for bigger fish. The extra power also helps you when playing powerful fish through snags and around boulders and snags.
MATERIALS: A light, strong blank built from 24ton carbon that is rung with K guides throughout and a DPS Reel Seat. Can be fished with a multiplier or fixed spool reel but designed for use with fixed spool.