For those who rise early and retire late, chasing the stalkers of the surf, you need fishing tackle that you can rely on. For surfcasting anglers, that means an impressively strong and improbably lightweight big pit-style reel that is designed with long distance casting at the centre of its world. Enter the PENN® Tidal XT… No stone has been left unturned in PENN®’s mission to create a superb surfcasting reel, including a rigid and lightweight body and rotor made from XRC carbon, a durable CNC gear machined from premium metals, and a near impervious sealed drag with HT-100 carbon washers that doesn’t allow a drop of water, dirt, or sand inside. It’s the perfect package for the discerning surfcaster. The pièce de resistance of this resilient reel is in its casting. The Rocket Spool Design has been specifically engineered to help make accurate and long distance casting an easy job. This is part down to the spool’s shape and design, but also due to PENN®’s innovative X-Slow Leveline technology, which allows the reel to achieve more than 50 wraps of line per single spool oscillation. This means you’ll achieve impeccable line lay, which helps line fly freely from the spool cast after cast. It also makes retrieving long casts much easier. No less that 9+1 sealed ball bearings contribute to the silky-smooth performance when winding in or playing a fish, while the Quick Drag system allows you to quickly switch between the drag and free spool functions. Meanwhile, two included line reducers can be attached to the spool meaning you’ll never use more line than you need. Go into battle with a companion by your side that you can trust to get the job done.

  • Strong and durable CNC gear
  • Gear Ratio 4.3:1
  • Special spool designed for effortless distance casting
  • Waterproof drag with sealed HT-100 carbon washers
  • X-Slow Leveline spool design
  • 9+1 sealed ball bearings
  • Quick Drag to switch between free spool and drag
  • Strong and lightweight XRC body and rotor
  • Aluminium spare spool
  • Two sets of line reducers
Weight 1 kg