The Squall series from Penn has fast become a favourite amongst anglers who like a workhorse reel that can cope with heavy hauling some of the biggest creatures the UK’s coastline has to offer. This Level Wind version of the Squall offers everything the other Squall reels do, this time with flawless line lay with each retrieve. This has made the Squall Level Wind the preferred reel for many charter boat captains’, who need a reel that can handle repetitive abuse for days on end whilst performing a variety of tasks from bottom-fishing to live bait casting.

The Penn Squall Level Wind offers a graphite construction, ensuring it is lightweight for use on any sea fishing rod. Not only this, but graphite also offers the kind of rigidity needed for a workhorse reel in order to perform to its very best throughout the retrieve, no matter how aggressive the fish on the end of your line is. This high rigidity graphite frame is complemented by the Squall Level Wind’s marine grade bronze alloy main gear. This is a high strength gear material that has been chosen for its resilience and durability under extreme angling conditions. The main gear is met by a stainless steel pinion gear. Stainless steel is another incredibly robust gear material, ensuring that the full gear system can more than cope with the pressures of intensive sea fishing.

The reel’s impressive gearing is aided by its HT-100 carbon fibre drag washers. These are hard wearing washers that offer smooth and strong drag performance throughout the life of the reel. This allows you to have clean control over your cast and power resistance in your retrieve, for full angling confidence. One of the key features on this reel is its line capacity rings. These are handy tools that let you know exactly how much line you have left on your spool at a glance, which is incredibly useful when you’re up against a fish that wants to run with line. Not only this, but line capacity rings are also exceptionally useful when you’re backing up your monofilament, as it provides you a benchmark for backing and reduces the amount of time you spend setting up.

If you’re looking for a hard wearing high performance reel for a variety of sea fishing purposes you need look no further than the Penn Squall Level Wind.


Key Features

    • Lightweight graphite frame and sideplates
    • Forged and machined aluminium spool
    • High-strength marine grade bronze alloy main gear
    • Stainless steel pinion gear
    • HT-100 carbon fibre drag washers
    • Instant Anti-Reverse bearing with silent back up ratchet
    • Line Capacity Rings
    • Gear ratio: 4.9:1
    • 2+1 Ball bearings


Available in four models:-

15LW – capacity 290m of 0.38 mono

20LW – capacity 380m of 0.41 mono

30LW/30LWLH (Left Hand wind) – 415m of 0.49 mono

Weight 1 kg
Reel model

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