The Penn Fathom II Star Drag multiplier reel offers anglers unbelievable strength and fighting capabilities for handling tough conditions so it can bring big fish and tackle back to the shore. This is the second generation of the Fathom with added features which make it more angler friendly.

This reel has been built with a rigid metal frame and sideplates which ensures durability and increases strength. With the live spindle design, this will offer you long and effortless casts while the power gear ratios give ultimate torque for reeling in large fish.

The fast gear access sideplate feature will allow anglers to service their gears and the HT-100 drag system quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the magnetic brake system on the 12 and 15 models will allow you to dial your reel in to increase casting distance and to compensate for varying weather conditions.

The 6 shielded stainless steel ball bearing system will provide ultimate smoothness whereas the instant anti-reverse system prevents the rotor from moving backwards instantaneously ensuring solid hooksets.

The 15SDCS model stands for casting special. This specific model has added line capacity to the spool and is designed to hold 15% more line than the standard 15 model. There is also a knobby magnetic adjustment that adjusts the brakes for casting control and it includes two high performance spool bearings which increases casting distance. This specific model has a blackout colour design.

The Penn Fathom II Star Drag Reel has a stunning black and gold contrasting colour design and is available in various models for you to choose from.

Full metal body and sideplates
Fast gear access sideplate
Machine-cut marine grade bronze main gear with hardened stainless steel pinion
Versa-Drag system with HT-100 washers
Live Spindle with free floating spool
6-shielded stainless steel ball bearing system
Infinite-anti bearing
Reel handle position: Right


12SD       6.1:1                  7                               30lb               430/10 295/12 250/15    560/15 455/20 345/30
15SD       6.1:1                  7                               30lb               355/12 305/15 200/20    550/20 415/30 290/50
15SDCS  6.1:1                  7                               30lb               N/A                                 N/A