The Gemini Juno Bait Clip is a 100% dependable bait clip which ‘locks’ the hook in place until it is released upon impact with the sea. The unique design uses a locking pin to hold the hook so that it stays in place even if the line goes slack during the cast or if the trace is slightly too long.
The Juno Bait Clip is held in place by a crimp so you can fit it anywhere on your trace. You can use it for clipped down, clipped up and up and over rigs. The clip is large enough to take any size of hook and can even be used to hold two hooks on wishbone or bomber style rigs.
5 clips per pack



    • 100% Dependable bait clip


    • Unique design


    • Fits all shapes and sizes of hooks


    • Locks hook until impact with the water


    • Well suited to OTG casting


    • Can be used for clip up and clip down rig


    • Made in the UK


    • 5 clips per pack



(Not recommended for pulley rigs)

Weight 1 kg