The original uptide hook. Bob Cox and John Rawle were pioneers of uptide fishing and they helped to design this hook pattern with uptiding in mind. The uptide hook has a super sharp point and small barb which help with fish ‘self hooking’ against the resistance of the grip lead. The forged bend gives the strength to handle decent fish in the tide. Finished in black nickel with a neat straight eye.
A good hook for using with worm, squid etc when targeting popular uptide species such as codling, hounds and rays. The qualities of the Uptide Hook have not been missed by shore anglers who like them when after quality fish at range.

    • Classic pattern designed by the pioneers of uptide fishing
    • Also well suited to heavy beach fishing
    • Corrosion resistant finish
    • Medium gauge wire
    • Medium Shank
    • Forged Bend
    • Needle point
    • Neat barb
    • Straight eye
    • Well suited to worm and crab baits
    • Available in a choice of sizes.