For over 30 years Century has been designing and manufacturing top tier, world class tackle. It is brimming with pure passion for angling and its team enjoy every aspect of the fishing scene, from the weight of the catch right down to being out in nature. One of its primary goals is to enhance the way we fish by making it the most pleasurable experience possible. Being one with nature and make the everyday extraordinary is at the heart of the brand and it comes across in its products, such as this Century Kompressor SS Rod, which showcases every inch of its ethos.


This rod was designed upon request by Danny Moeskops, who wanted to see a rod that would load up to 175g of terminal tackle and a baited trace, as well as a reel completely filled with line and 12 turns of 80lb shock leader. To top it all off, he wanted it to be able to punch it all out over big seas and rough ground. Of course, Century immediately took hold of the task and this sea fishing rod is the superb result that fits Danny’s every demand.


This excellent rod features some absolutely astonishing technology that will transform the way you fish; you’ll be reeling in more fish than ever before. The lower section of the tip, as well as the butt, has been improved dramatically with the Gearbox Design butt and Autoclave technology which enables more energy to be stored and released. The power of this rod is simply breath taking, you can reel in even the most aggressive bites with ease with this Kompressor SS Rod. What’s more, the upper tip still has the well-loved compression C-curve, the same as the original Kompressor S. So, if you were a fan of the original rod, you will certainly notice the brilliant improvements.


Another fantastic feature of this high-quality rod is that it excels in its recovery speed. The line moves at remarkable speeds and is able to cast huge weights at impressive distances. To maintain this high-level performance, the rod has been fitted with Fuji KWAG Guides which will completely protect your line and prevent any fraying or damage from friction which often occurs with fast rods. These guides are also stainless steel polished which will make them resistant to rust, keeping the shiny new look of this rod even after many uses.


If sensitivity is a high priority for you when investing in a new rod, then the Century Kompressor SS Rod is the one for you. This rod will give you indication of even the smallest taps and nudges so you can be prepared to reel in the slyest of fish. Not only that, the 3M reflective tape top guides will allow you to see any movement down near the tip even in low light levels. With this excellent combination, there is no way any fish will be able to avoid being reeled in.


Not only does this sea fishing rod perform brilliantly, it also looks good too. It has been tied in aquamarine and jet black, with marine grade etched stainless steel trim bands on the upper and lower butt which give this rod an effortlessly stylish feel.


With a length of 13ft10 and a casting weight of 4-7oz, this rod is perfect for anglers targeting seas around eastern Scotland, down to Yorkshire, Wales, Cornwall and even in the northern Scottish sea lochs. Not only that, but it is perfectly suited for more exotic climates too, as Danny himself managed to reel in some bonze whaler sharks on the east African coastline with this rod. No matter where you are in the UK or how far you’re willing to travel, there is somewhere for you to experience the superiority of the Century Kompressor SS Rod.


Key Features

    • Length: 13FT10
    • Casting weight: 4-7oz
    • Gearbox Design butt and Autoclave Technology
    • Blank colour: 3K-3Kcarbon twill upper butt: unground UD carbon tip
    • Factory Finish: Fuji KWAG Guides stainless steel polished
    • Tied in Aquamarine and jet black
    • Marine grade etched stainless steel trim bands upper and lower butt
    • Japanese shrink rubber (JSR) handle
    • JSR rubber separator grip on lower tip and upper butt
    • 3M Reflective tape top guides
    • Century carbon reducer
    • Century sliding reel seat with integrated Coaster
    • Century partition rod case