Century Eliminator T900 – Length 14′ 4” (4.35m) – Casting 4 – 7oz (125 – 200gm)
The Century Eliminator T900 is built and designed for fishing a wide range of conditions – including deep water, heavy to mixed ground and fast tidal streams. The overriding initial impression is smoothness in the cast and this reflects the unique construction of the tip. The butt section will store energy for long range delivery and the bite indication is very sensitive. The T900 is recommended for use with multiplier or fixed spool reels loaded with braid or monofilament.If you are looking for a rod to tackle species such as rays, hounds and cod from the kind of tough marks that these larger fish like to inhabit then the T900 will help you to achieve the prize catches that you crave for. Century’s tournament casting heritage means that you will not be lacking for casting performance but the T900 is a fishing rod so casting is just part of the package. The SGT glass tip sits beautifully in the tide and registers bites with ease. Once you strike into the fish the rod bends pleasingly allowing you to apply the pressure needed to guide the fish ashore whilst allowing you to enjoy the fight. Century’s factory build is superb and makes the rod a joy to own and fish with.

Century’s Technical specification
The technical specification is huge and well researched. Century has incorporated HPR resin technology, Autoclave Technology and for the first time 45/45 STF (spread tow fabric) to improve AT-T anti-twist. The STF surfaces at the upper butt and lower tip and compliments the Anti-Twist Technology incorporated throughout the rod. STF comes straight out of Formula One and all cars use this material extensively in the chassis for performance.

The tip is built primarily from S-2 unidirectional Super Glass – hence SGT. S-2 Glass is the ultimate in high strength glass fibre providing the highest level of performance available in this specialist reinforcement. Produced with increased levels of silica purity than standard glass fibre, S-2 Glass offers the ultimate physical properties including high tensile strength, compressive strength and improved impact resistance. When combined with Century’s HPR resin matrix system and high pressure autoclave curing – rod tips deliver slow, easy, non-critical loading and superb indicator bite detection.

Fitted with the robust yet super light American Tacklei Titanium K guides as standard keeps excess weight to a minimum.

The Eliminator T900 makes a perfect tool for flat plane casters but it is capable of being easily mastered by a high swinger or someone who prefers an overhead thump.


  • Length 14’ 4’’ (4.35m)
  • Casting 4 – 7oz (125 – 200gm)
  • Designed for fishing deep water, rough ground and strong tidal waters
  • Fantastic casting and fishing rod
  • HPR resin technology carbon blank
  • Gearbox Design butt and Autoclave Technology
  • 45/45 STF (spread tow fabric)
  • AT-T anti-twist
  • SGT – S-2 unidirectional Super Glass tip
  • Blank colour: Butt – Spread Tow Fabric. Tip – Black Gloss
  • 2 Equal length sections
  • Butt diameter 23.9mm
  • Factory Finish: American Tackle Titanium Anti-Tangle K Guides
  • Tied in blue metallic under wrap and jet black with gold trims
  • Rung to suit multiplier and fixed spool reels
  • Can be used with nylon or braided lines
  • Marine grade etched stainless steel trim bands – upper and lower butt
  • Japanese shrink rubber (JSR) handle
  • JSR rubber separator grip on lower tip and upper butt
  • 3M Reflective tape – top guides
  • Century carbon reducer available as optional extra
  • Century / Fuji DPS sliding reel seat – coaster not needed, locks to blank just by tightening Fuji hood
  • Genuine Century partition rod case
  • Each rod comes with a Century registration card and care instructions
  • Made in the UK