Length: 13′ 6″ Casting weight: 125 – 175 grams


Weight: 890 grams Rings: Fuji BMNAG
The new Match rod is a very different type of rod to its predecessor due to the ever-increasing requirements from the today’s match man, who always has to have everything ‘just so’. As a result, producing a new match rod to compare with (and beat) rivals was always going to be an issue. However, we’ve done it and as you will see, its all in the tip and butt respectively.


Whatever the situation you may find yourself in on the beach, this rod will cope with it. It has all the power down in the butt to help the angler control his cast and all the sensitivity, and control you could ever need in its midsection to load and deliver a bait to the horizon. The tip is extremely quick and sensitive and will most definitely turn the heads of our competitors when sat perfectly in the tide showing bites from every thing you may hook.


Being faster than virtually any other match rods, our rod will give you that all-important element; speed. You might end up casting every five to ten minutes, for five or six hours! That’s where our rod can give you the edge.


It is built with the new Fuji alconite guide and currently available for only the multiplier. It has a super thick and comfy s wrap grip, which enables the angler to cushion their hands into a comfortable grip for both casting and reeling in. Due to all these new introductions, the is rod has become very popular with the clean ground
angler who like to fish at range on a regular basis. It sits well with them and has been popular across the water in Belgium and Holland on those beautiful golden flat beaches where its either as far as you can cast it, or under your feet.


Red label rods are not not only Anyfish Anywhere’s premium rod range, they are quite simply some of the very best beach fishing rods you can buy. Over the past ten years they have become the first choice rod for the large majority of the UK’s top competition anglers who demand the very best in a series of rods, designed to be able to catch fish anywhere and in any conditions.