• Length: 14′
  • Casting weight: 150 – 200 grams
  • Optimum 170gm + bait
  • Specialist UK style long range fixed spool rod
  • Suited to mixed and rough ground fishing
  • Two equal sections
  • Lightweight yet powerful carbon blank
  • Good bite detection
  • Fuji BCMNAG grey Alconite guides
  • Black whipping with metallic red tippings
  • 7 guides + tip
  • Slim feel shrink tube handle
  • Sliding Fuji screw winch reel fitting with grey hoods to match guides
  • 23.5mm diameter butt
  • 4mm diameter tip
  • Reducer included
  • Supplied in quality cloth bag

The GBFS Pro MK2 has a deserved reputation as a specific fixed spool rod designed to cope with bigger sinkers, bigger fish and tougher marks. We are constantly asked for a fixed spool rod which will cast 6oz plus a whole squid and the GBFS Pro MK2 will do it with ease, all day every day.

The 14′ two equal section carbon blank is designed for getting maximum distances with a fixed spool reel but with the emphasis on a more traditional UK action rather than the softer continental style used in many 3 piece rods.

The end result is a rod well suited to those who like to use a fixed spool on the heavier mixed to rough marks. The GBFS Pro MK2 also has the power to cope with the larger fish which often lurk on these more demanding marks. The sliding Fuji winch allows the rod to be used either reel up or reel down depending on your preference.

The build is up to Anyfish Anywhere’s normal high standard with Gunsmoke Fuji guides and a sliding Fuji DPS winch fitting with matching grey hoods. The slim shrink gives the rod a nice feel in the hand.

A reducer is included with the rod and the quality cloth rod bag even features a special reducer pocket to keep it safe.