Length: 13′ 7″

Casting weight: 125 – 175 grams
Anyfish Anywhere have been making beach rods for over ten years and during this time those rods have been used by many of the world’s finest international match and beach anglers; catching great numbers of fish and winning matches both around the world and in our UK waters. But in all that time, they have never made rods specifically for those anglers, for the elite of our sport, for the best of the best.

The new Match Pro is that rod. Its the ultimate expression of ‘designed for purpose’ in modern competitive sea angling and is the first in a new series of ground-breaking sea angling rods. They have called it the Match Pro because it is what Anyfish Anywhere considers to be the world’s first truly Professional standard beach fishing rod. Made with the very best materials, featuring high end Fuji fittings and are hand built to an exceptional standard.

By the introduction of a new material that is both flexible and rigid in equal measure they have managed to produce this rod and keep the weight down to a minimum and construct it with a lower diameter of under 24mm that has helped  to make a rod which they have given the characteristics for casting and fishing whilst in a frenetic situation when the fish are feeding.

First and foremost this rod is designed as a multiplier rod and at 13 7 it is built to deploy bait to the horizon, with 175 gm lead being its favourite casting weight.

It will also fire 150gm and will it soak up and load 200gm with a slight adjustment to technique and timing when the conditions arise.

The tip is fast and delivers a lead beautifully using the mid section of the tip to hold it all together and give crispness and speed under load.

It is designed to compliment the tide when sat in the rod stand and sits perfectly between 45 and 90 degree when the tide is in full flow

The butt section through to the mid section has been constructed to allow the angler to push into and through the rod, this is either done slowly or quickly depending on the style of casting whether aerialized or ground cast.

Red label rods are not not only Anyfish Anywhere’s premium rod range, they are quite simply some of the very best beach fishing rods you can buy. Over the past ten years they have become the first choice rod for the large majority of the UK’s top competition anglers who demand the very best in a series of rods, designed to be able to catch fish anywhere and in any conditions.