Jarvis Walker Starlights

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Jarvis Walker Starlight Packs are fishing accessories at their finest. Designed to light up your rig, no matter how dark it gets, these Jarvis Walker Starlights are a must in every tackle box. Jarvis Walker Starlights provide unmatched utility and can be used for a variety of purposes. From use as general lights for night time fishing or use as markers to identify your equipment, you can put these lights to a huge range of uses.

Jarvis Walker Starlights are chemical lights with a brilliant yellow glow that will light up the darkest of nights. They have been designed to give you unmatched convenience during your night time fishing expeditions, allowing you to always have your eye on your equipment and stay on top of your game. The slightest of actions on your rods will be easily visible with these Jarvis Walker Starlights in play. 

These chemical lights come fitted in a small chemical light holders and have useful lives of about three hours each. Each Jarvis Walker Starlight pack contains 5 Starlights measuring in at 4.5mm x 39mm. 

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