BCCT 50mm LED Fishing Rod Tip Lights

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Rod Tip Lights



These are a new generation of fishing rod tip lights which can be seen for over 100mtrs, are waterproof down to 250mtrs, have a battery life of 80hrs+, replaceable battery and more. Fishing tip lights are an essential part of the fishing tackle for the modern angler, whether it be sea fishing or fresh water angling. Don't ever miss a bite in the dark again.
These fishing tip lights are 50mm unlike a lot of the other lights being sold. For sea fishing we believe you need the best illumination available.

These exceptional sea fishing tip lights don't have to be whipped or taped onto your fishing rod and don't have to be thrown away. They come with their own clip on holders (1 x small 1 x large), so they should fit any sized rod diameter. They can be clipped directly onto your rod tip in seconds and taken off and stored ready for your next trip at the end of your fishing session. They also use replaceable batteries with up to a 80 hour+ battery life, so no need to replace the tip light just replace the battery! If you need any batteries then please look at our 'other items'.

There are a lot of fishing tip lights out there that are often very bulky, have to be thrown away after one usage, badly designed or very weighty. These are very slimline and less likely to snag your line, nobody but nobody likes snap-offs.

These fishing rod tip lights can also be used in conjunction with many types of float.

Available in Red, Green or Blue

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